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Questions and answers

What is the instant pricing service?
  • It is a service that is provided when requesting the quotation of spare parts, we do our best to search for and quote spare parts from more than 350+ suppliers to ensure the best price.
  • The service fee will be deducted when you purchase the parts and will be refunded to your account if the parts are not available.
  • The service saves the customer’s time, and the trouble of searching for parts in the various industrial cities.
  • A large network of suppliers will receive the request and then price it during their working hours.
  • The price for the search and pricing service is only 20 dirhams.
What happens if I do not receive the price?

We return the pricing amount and transfer it to the existing account data. The customer can request to use the balance in new orders or future purchases, contact customer service for more details.

What are the advantages of instant pricing service in case the pricing is done?

After pricing, if you purchased the spare parts your requested, you will receive a 5% discount for the first order, in addition the pricing service will be deducted from the total amount of your order.

Where will I receive the price?

You will receive the price via WhatsApp to the number registered in the order or via email.

When will I receive the price offer?

Normally within48 hours. The pricing period depends on the scarcity or availability of the required parts at the suppliers, and accordingly the customer will be notified of any information or update of the required parts.

Do you have all spare parts for my car?

We find the spare parts you need through our supplier’s connection. The customer service will send price quotes and this service is done free of charge.

Should I buy “OEM” parts?

Normally, used spare parts come from vehicles and they are 100% OEM parts “Original Equipment Manufacturer” parts installed by the manufacturer

What guarantees are offered?

It solely depends on the supplier, some of them offer 30 days guarantee on parts supplied.   Others come with 60 or even 90 days or even more.

Do you offer used spare parts finding services across the UAE?

Yes, you can find used spare parts anywhere in the UAE, we cover the entire GCC.

What kind of parts I can buy through auto spare collector?

You can find all types of spare parts for your car e.g., mirrors, bonnets, AC parts, radiators, windshields, wipers, car doors, panels and all type of interior parts, only inform us your car make, model and year in the widget on our website and we will send you different price quotes from different suppliers’ instantly. Compare prices and select the supplier to pay less.

Will I be notified once my order is shipped?

Yes! Once your package is shipped out, we will notify you email or WhatsApp.

I got a different part than what I ordered.

We apologize for any discrepancy in the item received by you with the item requested, and this may occur due to an error in the preparation by the supplier, you can contact us through the live chat or WhatsApp to deal with your request and replace it or refund the amount to you after verification.

Do you have parts installation service?

Currently, we are an electronic platform that provides the parts only and the customer is responsible for installing the parts and we strive to provide more services in the near future.

Do you deliver the parts to the workshop?

Just write the address to which we want to deliver the parts, whether it is home, workshop or work, and the parts will be delivered to the required address.

What’s your shipping policy?

Delivery or transit times will vary depending on the size of the package and the delivery location

What if my part arrives damaged?

We sell only the highest quality used parts, and we source and ship our parts from the highest quality sources in the business. If something goes wrong or if you’re not happy with the condition of the part you ordered, we offer a 100% money-back refund. Just contact us through our WhatsApp with your order number, and we’ll be happy to arrange a replacement part or refund.

Are wheels sold individually or in a set of four?

All wheels are sold individually. Make sure to select your year, make, model, and options to ensure that the wheel fits your car.

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